Junior : Hellfire by Lou Pimentel for MPH labs

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Cranston Junior Hellfire edition ! bagged with header card!Junior : Hellfire by Lou Pimentel

'Before he was Cranston Fellows Jr., this little devil bat was just known as Junior. Small, egg shaped and lovable, he was born in the underworld and was a prankster from day one. Junior likes to dance, paint, and play practical jokes. His favorite pastime is hiding in small places and jumping out to scare his mom. Yes, he’s living his toddler years to their fullest. He does not make his bed and loves making a mess. He prefers peanut M&M’s and is always looking for new adventures. Speaking of adventure, Junior would love to come home with you to start one together. You bring cookies and a map and he’ll bring the ruckus.'

2.75 high by 5" wide -JAPANESE VINYL - SOFUBI